Ensemble of the Lucerne Festival Contemporary Orchestra (LFCO)


Fri, 19.11. | 22.00

Europaplatz, KKL Lucerne

Free admission

Forward Festival

19.11.-21.11. 2021





    Ensemble of the Lucerne Festival Contemporary Orchestra (LFCO)

    Louis Andriessen (1939–2021)
    Workers Union for any loud-sounding group of instruments

    The Festival opening as a happening: we’ll take over the KKL Luzern and Europaplatz with the music of Louis Andriessen! The Dutch composer, who died in July, wrote Workers Union in 1975 for De Volharding, a sort of politically committed street music band made up of jazz and classically trained musicians. While the score’s rapidly changing rhythms are precisely defined, Andriessen only approximates the pitches. And he leaves the instrumentation open. The main thing is that the performance gets loud! This leads to a rousing, powerfully raw music whose influences are clear – Stravinsky, jazz, and Minimalism. Andriessen says that he aimed to combine “individual freedom and severe discipline. It is difficult to play in an ensemble and to remain in step, sort of thing like organizing and carrying on political action.”

    Video introduction:
    Lucerne Festival Forward Contemporary Leader Ettore Biagi introduces us to Louis Andriessen's iconic piece "Workers Union".

    Ensemble of the Lucerne Festival Contemporary Orchestra (LFCO)

    With the Lucerne Festival Contemporary Orchestra — LFCO for short — Lucerne Festival has launched a new orchestra this year: an orchestra of excellence for the performance of new and contemporary music. The LFCO thus forms a counterpart to the Lucerne Festival Orchestra and focuses on 20th- and 21st-century scores, from modern classics to commissioned works that are premiered in Lucerne. The international members of the LFCO have all benefited from training at the Lucerne Festival Academy, which was initiated by Pierre Boulez and is now directed by Wolfgang Rihm. Thanks to its close ties to the Academy and its network, the LFCO is able to play a pioneering role in the performance of contemporary music and in the development of forward-looking concert formats. Through its projects, it exploits the possibilities of new technologies; interdisciplinary work gives rise to novel listening and concert experiences. The LFCO can be heard in numerous performances at the Lucerne Summer Festival, as well as at Lucerne Festival Forward in November — and, of course, at guest performances all over the world. In its first summer, the LFCO collaborates with conductors Heinz Holliger, Lin Liao, Johanna Malangré, and Ilan Volkov, presenting music by composers ranging from Stravinsky and Webern to Boulez and Xenakis, as well as premieres by Amarouch, Colţea, Milenko, Vaughan, and composer-in-residence Rebecca Saunders. The musicians will join Patricia Kopatchinskaja to perform the staged concert Bye-Bye Beethoven. They will also participate in performances of Kagel’s Staatstheater at the Luzerner Theater.

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