Composer Seminar – Closing Concert

Ensemble of the Lucerne Festival Contemporary Orchestra (LFCO)

Boulez | Composer Seminar Showcase

Sat, 28.08. | 14.30 | No. 212310

Hochschule Luzern - Music, Salquin Hall

Vergangenes Konzert

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CHF 50

Summer Festival

10.08.-12.09. 2021




    Composer Seminar – Closing Concert

    Ensemble of the Lucerne Festival Contemporary Orchestra (LFCO)

    Pierre Boulez (1925–2016)
    Initiale for seven brass players

    Composer Seminar Showcase:
    works by Arnau Brichs, Tyson Davis, Lanqing Ding, Theo Finkel, Anton Koshelev, Guillem Palomar, Daniil Posazhennikov, and Senay Uğurlu

    Wolfgang Rihm presents the participants and their works in concert

    Wolfgang Rihm has given the young participants in this year’s Composer Seminar an unusual instrumentation to work with: seven brass players with harp, piano, and two percussionists. What a variety of timbres is possible! The particular makeup of this formulation, however, is not random but is based on Pierre Boulez’s Initiale, a virtuoso brass fanfare that the founder of the Lucerne Festival Academy wrote for the Houston Symphony Orchestra in 1987. The piece will open a concert in which you can encounter a wide range of examples of the emerging generation of composers, for variety is what matters to Rihm. His goal is “to promote distinctiveness rather than a seeming adherence to conventions, whether avant-garde or reactionary.” And because few people are able to talk about music with such illumination – about what its creators intended and what listeners perceive – Rihm himself will offer guidance through this survey of works and introduce each composer and their works during the concert.

    Hochschule Luzern - Music, Saal Salquin

    Ensemble of the Lucerne Festival Contemporary Orchestra (LFCO)

    With the Lucerne Festival Contemporary Orchestra — LFCO for short — Lucerne Festival has launched a new orchestra this year: an orchestra of excellence for the performance of new and contemporary music. The LFCO thus forms a counterpart to the Lucerne Festival Orchestra and focuses on 20th- and 21st-century scores, from modern classics to commissioned works that are premiered in Lucerne. The international members of the LFCO have all benefited from training at the Lucerne Festival Academy, which was initiated by Pierre Boulez and is now directed by Wolfgang Rihm. Thanks to its close ties to the Academy and its network, the LFCO is able to play a pioneering role in the performance of contemporary music and in the development of forward-looking concert formats. Through its projects, it exploits the possibilities of new technologies; interdisciplinary work gives rise to novel listening and concert experiences. The LFCO can be heard in numerous performances at the Lucerne Summer Festival, as well as at Lucerne Festival Forward in November — and, of course, at guest performances all over the world. In its first summer, the LFCO collaborates with conductors Heinz Holliger, Lin Liao, Johanna Malangré, and Ilan Volkov, presenting music by composers ranging from Stravinsky and Webern to Boulez and Xenakis, as well as premieres by Amarouch, Colţea, Milenko, Vaughan, and composer-in-residence Rebecca Saunders. The musicians will join Patricia Kopatchinskaja to perform the staged concert Bye-Bye Beethoven. They will also participate in performances of Kagel’s Staatstheater at the Luzerner Theater.

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    Saturday, 28 August | 14.30 | Hochschule Luzern – Musik | Closing Concert of the Composer Seminar