Children’s Concert 2

Eleonora Savini | Federico Carraro et al.

“Mona Violina”

Sat, 28.08. | 14.00 | No. 213323

Süesswinkel 7, Maskenliebhabersaal

Vergangenes Konzert

Prices (CHF)

CHF 20

Summer Festival

10.08.-12.09. 2021







    Süesswinkel 7, Maskenliebhabersaal

    Children’s Concert 2

    Eleonora Savini | Federico Carraro et al.

    Eleonora Savini  violin and vocals
    Federico Carraro  viola
    Pietro Gaudioso  stage concept, direction, and choreography
    Giuditta Gaudioso  painting
    Simone Perra  stage design
    Francesco Bondi  costumes

    “Mona Violina”
    A musical stroll through pictures with music by Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadé Mozart, Bohuslav Martinů, Sergei Prokofiev and others

    For everyone ages 5 and up.

    In a quest for perfection, a violist practices day and night in an old, secluded house – and forgets about the world and life outside his self-imposed solitude. Then suddenly, moved by his music, one of his favorite portraits comes to life. It leaves the canvas and decides to accompany him on the violin on a musical journey that is as romantic as it is entertaining... In this staged concert for the whole family, the paintings are part of the stage set. They are movable and are illuminated in different ways, creating forms that are ever new in the interplay of shadow and light, revealing and concealing the two protagonists. Is their encounter a mere dream or after all real? Violinist Eleonora Savini and violist Federico Carraro met in 2012 at the Lucerne Festival Academy and combine their different experiences – hers in various children’s and youth productions, his in the field of contemporary music – in this project.

    With friendly support of the Arthur Waser Foundation

    Simone Perra

    Francesco Bondi

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