Family Concert – Die Schurken (“The Rogues”) 1

Die Schurken

“Inspector Flunke and The Rogues”

Sun, 05.09. | 14.30 | No. 213318

KKL Luzern, Lucerne Hall

Vergangenes Konzert

Prices (CHF)

CHF 20

Reduced price (CHF 10) up to the age of 17.

Summer Festival

10.08.-12.09. 2021




    Family Concert – Die Schurken (“The Rogues”) 1

    Die Schurken

    Die Schurken:  Stefan Dünser, idea, trumpet | Martin Schelling, clarinet | Martin Deuring, double bass | Goran Kovacevic, accordion
    Lilian Genn  Inspector Flunke
    Theresita Colloredo  libretto, staging
    Murat Üstün  music

    “Inspector Flunke and Die Schurken”
    An action-packed musical detective story for children (in German)

    For everyone ages 5 and up

    Their names are Romero Calzone, Al Arrabiata, Mozzarella, and Diavolo. They are, of course, four villains through and through. And they are in trouble. They want to give a concert, but the sounds they produce are just awful. Music Inspector Flunke from the Smart-Aleck Department is supposed to help. And she soon has a hot lead. Supported by singing, clapping, and dancing children from the audience, the Inspector shows the rogues that it’s not enough to just play what’s written down in the score when making music together. It’s about more: about breathing together, about rhythm, and about listening to each other. But first of all, of course, the instruments have to be tuned correctly. The Vorarlberg-based ensemble Die Schurken, which has twice been awarded the “Young Ears” prize, conveys the secrets of musical interplay using slapstick, language games, and sizzling melodies. An imaginative musical theater for the whole family!

    with friendly support of the
    Geert and Lore Blanken-Schlemper Foundation
    Charitable Accentus Foundation

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