Roche Commissions

“Roche Commissions”is a unique and trailblazing partnership between Roche, Lucerne Festival, and the Lucerne Festival Academy. In connection with this partnership, Roche has been awarding commissions to outstanding contemporary composers on a regular basis since 2003. Since the beginning of the “Roche Commissions”program, a total of nine composers have each received a commission to write a new work. The resulting scores have each been given their world premieres during the Summer Festival in Lucerne. 

The next work commission from “Roche Commissions” has been awarded to the British composer Thomas Adès for 2022. He is composing a violin concerto for Anne-Sophie Mutter and the world premier of his work will be during the summer festival 2022.


Rebecca Saundersto an utterance for piano and orchestra (2020/21)

Peter Eötvös | Reading Malevich for orchestra (2018)

Olga NeuwirthTrurliade – Zone Zero for percussion and orchestra (2016)

Unsuk ChinLe Silence des Sirènes for soprano and orchestra (2014)

Matthias PintscherChute d’Étoiles. Hommage à Anselm Kiefer for orchestra (2012)

Toshio HosokowaWoven Dreams for orchestra (2010)

George BenjaminDUET for piano and orchestra (2008)

Hanspeter Kyburztouché for soprano, tenor, and Orchestra (2006)

Chen YiSi Ji (Four Seasons) for large orchestra (2005)

Sir Harrison BirtwistleNight’s Black Bird for orchestra (2004)

Roche Young Commissions

In an expanded partnership of Roche with Lucerne Festival and the Lucerne Festival Academy, in 2013 the “Roche Young Commissions” program was created. Every two years this program gives out commissions for new works to two emerging composers. Within a two-year period the pair of composers then creates their orchestral works in a process of intensive exchange with two young conductors and under the guidance of Wolfgang Rihm, the Artistic Director of the Lucerne Festival Academy. These new scores are similarly introduced to the public at the Summer Festival in Lucerne. The inaugural world premiere of the “Roche Young Commissions” series took place in the summer of 2015.

Composition Commissions for the 2023 “Roche Young Commissions” awarded to the spanish composer David Moliner and the armenian Hovik Sardaryan.


Kirsten Milenko Alexander Vaughan (2021)

Marianna Liik | Josep Planells Schiaffino (2019)

Lisa Streich | Matthew Kaner (2017)

Samy Moussa | Piotr Peszat (2015)

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