Summer Festival

The Summer Festival, which will take place from 10 August to 12 September 2021, offers a diverse range of events featuring international stars, orchestras, and ensembles exploring the theme “crazy.”

“Crazy”: This is the theme of the 2021 Summer Festival, which explores not only composers who were considered peculiar or quirky but also how their music caused aesthetic standards to shift. In addition, the theme encompasses works containing references to madness, to love as the craziest emotion, and to wildly fantastic figures and states of disorder, as well as unusual concert formats.

Robert Schumann, who was committed to a mental hospital as “mentally disordered” after a suicide attempt, is the subject of a cycle that will present all four of his symphonies and his three great solo concertos. Upheavals in music and revolutionary feats are also on the program with four groundbreaking Beethoven symphonies; Stravinsky’s Petrushka; Claude Debussy, who dismantled traditional thematic development in favor of fluctuating waves of sound; and the Second Viennese School, which exploded centuries-old rules governing major-minor tonality and in the process rewrote musical grammar. In the series “verrückt” (“crazy”), concerts that experiment with both space and content take to the stage

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