CD: Historic Performances - Schneiderhan

Swiss Festival Orchestra | Paul Hindemith (Mozart) | Ferdinand Leitner (Henze) | Bernard Haitink (Martin) | Wolfgang Schneiderhan violin | Irmgard Seefried soprano (Martin)

Wolfgang Amadé Mozart
Violin Concerto in A major, K.219
Hans Werner Henze
Violin Concerto No. 1
Frank Martin
Magnificat (1967/68 version)

(Recordings: Luzern, 1952, 1964 & 1968)

An outstanding violinist of the twentieth century, Wolfgang Schneiderhan was not only celebrated for his interpretations of the classical repertoire, but he also distinguished himself by his commitment to contemporary music. This is demonstrated in three previously unreleased live recordings from Lucerne including the world premiere of Frank Martin’s Magnificat, performed by its two dedicatees.

The Historic Performances CD series presents live concert recordings of influential Festival artists. The sound quality of the original tapes has been painstakingly restored, and each release is accompanied by extensive documentation of its historical as well as artistic significance, together with photos and historical material from the LUCERNE FESTIVAL archive – a history of the Festival in sound.

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