Mission Statement

Where We Are Going: Our Vision
Lucerne Festival is one of the world’s leading classical music festivals. We are committed to the highest degree of artistic quality and aim to inspire our audiences at home and abroad, from young people to the elderly. We make groundbreaking cross-connections between tradition and innovation and champion the emerging generation of musicians and the music of our time while at the same time safeguarding artistic and financial independence

What We Stand For: Our Mission

Conditions That Are Optimal for Art

We are an international music festival built on artistic ideals. Art is our love and our passion; music is the focus of what we do. Our goal is to offer artists optimal conditions for their creative work and performances.

Our Audience

Open and creative dialogue with our audience at home and abroad is a central pillar of our work. We aim to entice our audience away from everyday routine and encourage their fascination with art in all of its facets.

Art as Experience

We create the possibility for emotionally resonant exchanges to occur between works, performers, and the audience. Art has the power to unleash emotions, touch on social issues, stimulate discussion, provoke, or simply entertain and inspire. Art represents an open-minded society that engages in continual dialogue about its values and ideals.

Commitment to Quality

Quality and excellence are always our highest priorities. Together with the artists we invite here, we realize a program that not only addresses the works of the classical tradition with fresh interpretive standards but also promotes contemporary creativity. In the process, we also pursue unconventional paths and are open to the latest developments in art.

Social Responsibility

In the work of conveying art, we tirelessly seek out new concepts, event formats, and communication strategies. Discovering and providing sustainable support for young artists, imparting our programs and content to emerging generations of audiences and new target groups, and focused social engagement are of great importance to us.