Breakthrough and Crisis

Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla conducts two Schumann symphonies that could hardly be more different: the vibrant Spring Symphony and the solemn, serious-minded Second.

William Christie Conducts "Partenope"

More Baroque operetta than tragic opera seria, Handel's craziest opera involves four love-mad princes vying for the favor of the title heroine.

Summer Festival

The Summer Festival, which will take place from 10 August to 12 September 2021, offers a diverse range of events featuring international stars, orchestras, and ensembles exploring the theme “crazy.”

Keeping you safe

New: No Covid certificate is required and Contact information will not be collected.


How is a contemporary music festival created? Two webinars in July will offer the public insights into the artistic process of program development.


“Find the Concert for You”

Are you trying to decide which of our many concerts to choose from this summer? Our questionnaire tool is meant to help you decide.

Lucerne Festival Forward

A new festival for the music of our time, developed and presented by the excellent musicians of the Lucerne Festival Contemporary Network. Details of the programm for Lucerne Festival Forward will be announced at the end of July; online ticket sales start on 3 August at 12.00 noon (Lucerne time).


We can stay in touch online even between each festival. "Connected" is our platform of digital offerings that are available throughout the entire year, including livestreams, artist interviews, and background reports.