Lucerne Festival Forward

The new fall festival for contemporary music will feature participatory projects and new listening experiences under the theme of “Networks”.

Join us!

The players let rice fall in varying doses onto different materials. The result is to create a unique, wondrous soundscape. We are looking for participants.No previous musical knowledge is required.

In the middle of the sound

Four orchestral groups encircle the audience, electronic sounds floating above their heads: Ray Bradbury’s science-fiction tale inspired Olga Neuwirth to create her major work of spatial music Construction in space.

One to One

Winnie Huang will create 10-minute performances for just one guest at a time throughout the festival, resulting in an intense one-to-one situation.


He did not thrust himself into the limelight but put himself, with economical, clear gestures, entirely at the service of the music: amongst the conductors of his time, Karl Böhm epitomised the anti-star.

Forward Festival


Lucerne Festival Forward

A new festival for the music of our time, developed and presented by the excellent musicians of the Lucerne Festival Contemporary Network. Online ticket sales have started.


We can stay in touch online even between each festival. "Connected" is our platform of digital offerings that are available throughout the entire year, including livestreams, artist interviews, and background reports.